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Do you know that commercial chilli sauces are full of sugar, starch and artificial preservatives?  


Molli hot sauce is homemade sauces prepared in small batches. Using locally sourced, fresh halal ingredients from local grocers.  With no sugar, MSG, artificial preservatives, colouring or stabiliser added. 

Although Mexican inspired, the sauces goes well with Western and Asian cuisine. Pizza, salad, eggs, soups, char kuey tiao, fried rice, grilled meat, fruits... you name it, we got it covered! 

Healthy and delicious. Molli hot sauce makes healthy eating FUN!

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Molli Trio Combo

Molli Trio Combo

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No product

Molli Guacamolli Bundle

Molli Guacamolli Bundle

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Molli Combo Pack

Molli Combo Pack

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