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Mexican style michelada (beer cocktail) or Virgin Michelada (non alcoholic option)

Updated: May 31, 2020

"What is Michelada?"

Michelada is a beverage enjoyed by Mexicans and Latin Americans. The word 'Michelada' is a Spanish word that combines "mi" (my), "chela" (beer) with "ada" for "helada" (cold) which means - my cold beer.

In the earlier days, only lime, salt and ice were the only ingredients needed to make a michelada. As time goes by, other spices and sauces were then added to the original recipe to flavour the drink.

NOTE: For non alcoholic version, simply simply replace beer with soda.

Recipe by Chef Jorge Bernal


1. Choose a light beer. (0r use Soda as replacement)

2. 1 Fresh lime, extract the juice (30ml)

3. Molli Hot & Tasty sauce (14ml)

4. 2 dashes of worcestershire sauce

5. A few pinch of coarse black pepper

6. Coarse sea salt or table salt

7. Ice cubes

Preparation method:

1. Rim the glass with coarse sea salt .

2. Add fresh lime juice, Molli Hot & Tasty sauce, the a few dash of worcestershire sauce, and black pepper, and ice cubes into the glass.

4. Fill the glass with beer or soda below the rim of the glass. Stir it well.

5. Add chilli powder and lime wedges as garnish.


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