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Ways to use Molli Guacamolli - other than with Mexican food

‘Molli’ in Aztez language means ‘sauce’. So guacamolli literally means Avocado Sauce. The difference between guacamole and guacamolli is just a matter of texture and preparation.

Guacamole - usually prepared with fresh avocados, tomatoes, green chilies, onion, garlic, fresh lime juice, salt and to be eaten immediately.

Molli Guacamolli - bottled avocado sauce using fresh avocados, green chillies, onion, garlic, fresh lime juice and vinegar as a natural preservative agent.

10 ways to use your Molli Guacamolli

Molli Guacamolli is much more than a dip for your tortilla chips. Here are some of our favourite food pairings.

1. On toast

Serve your toast with slices of tomato, hard-boiled eggs and ham with guacamolli for breakfast. It’s so good and filling!

2. On raw vegetables

Perfect veggie lovers. Dip your veggies with guacamole. Best with carrots, cucumbers, celery, turnip, and bell peppers.

3. With baked potatoes

Instead of sour cream, have your baked potatoes with guacamolli. You can also add diced tomatoes and sprinkle some chili flakes for extra kick.

4. With grilled / fried fish

Instead of tartar sauce, use guacamolli for your fried fish or baked fish.

5. As a salad dressing

Best bowl of salad with guacamolli dressing?Our favourite is Breaded Chicken Cobb Salad. Get the recipe here (

6. With omelette

There are many ways to make a great omelette. Some like to add diced tomatoes, onion, ham, mushroom….whatever your preference, make sure to top it up with a generous helping of guacamolli.

7. On a pizza

Instead of dipping your pizza slices with ranch, bbq or chilli sauces, spread a spoon full of creamy guacamolli on your pizza.

Or you can try making your own guacamolli Pizza here. Just skip the guacamole and spread the guacamolli on the pizza when its ready to be eaten.

8. With a sandwich

Guacamolli is a match made in food haven with a classic BLT sandwich. We rest our case.

9. With a burger

Well if you can put guacamolli on your sandwich, you sure can have it with your burger.

10. Mango guacamolli dip

Indulge your sweet tooth and add diced ripe mangoes with your guacamolli as dip for tortilla chips. This dip is a guaranteed party pleaser.

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