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What to eat when you only have hot sauce at home.

Well....not literally :)

Have you ever been in that situation are single, home alone, too lazy to feed yourself 'coz you are too busy chasing series on Netflix?

No matter what the situation is, surely you'll have a bottle of hot sauce laying somewhere.


Any kind of chilli sauce?


Aw...come on!

Well if you don't, you should be getting a bottle of Molli Hot & Tasty right now. Why? Because that's the most versatile sauce ever made and it's gonna make whatever it touches taste... delicious!

Now, the million dollar questions is....what do you have in your pantry?

Well...for the sake of survival, surely you would have these stocked in your pantry. Now lets see what we can do to spice up an otherwise ordinary eats :D

1. Bread + egg + hot sauce ... This is practically our go-to favourite. Toast the bread, fried the egg or scramble it (which ever way you like it) and drizzle it with Molli Hot & Tasty sauce. Easy to make, filling breakfast.

2. Pineapple + guava+ hot sauce ... Some fruits like pineapple, guava, oranges, mango, kiwi goes well with Molli Hot & Tasty sauce. It elevates the sweetness and is one of the best food to have for weight loss.

3. Instant noodle + egg + hot sauce ... Instant noodle and egg is a staple food for many. Molli Hot & Tasty or Molli Extra Hot will add the extra heat and flavour to this bowl of goodness.

(Note: Too much instant noodle is bad news for health. Moderation is key)

4. Corn + hot sauce ... Now, assuming that you don't have mayo, chilli powder, parmesan cheese and lime to make a classic Mexican corn on cob. All you have to do is drizzle some Molli Hot & Tasty sauce over your cooked corn and viola! You got yourself a simple yet delicious corn on cob. This paring leaves no tastebud untouched. The sweetness of the corn and the tangy spicy Hot Tasty sauce is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

5. Frozen Yogurt + hot sauce ... Do you believe a little spice can add a new dimension to frozen yogurt? Yogurt itself is a bit sour, when combined with the spicy citrusy Molli Hot & Tasty, you'll probably get a weird sensation. Albeit a good one.

The sourness from the yogurt ice cream and the spicy citrusy taste form hot sauce makes this a savoury dessert.

(Note: The hot sauce will not burn your tongue because dairy washes away the capsaicin in the chillies)

6. Soup + hot sauce ... If you have any kind of instant soup (Vegetable soup, chicken soup, tomato soup) laying around in your pantry, it is time to get 'em out and add a splash of Molli Hot & Tasty onto it. Guaranteed to warm and nourish your soul inside out.

7. Pop corn + hot sauce ... If you have butter, melt it and add some Molli Hot & Tasty to it. Then pour the mixture over popped kernels. Now turn on the AC and enjoy your Netflix with spicy popcorn.

So there you have it. Which option will you try?

Oh by the way, a side note...

We are not responsible if you find these pairing less satisfying with other hot sauce brand :-)

Have fun with your hot sauce!

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