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Why we love hot sauce? (Health Benefits)

Updated: May 29, 2020

As a Mexican whose ancestors cultivated chilli peppers way back to 5000 BC before Christopher Columbus popularised the used of chillies and Malaysian who grew up with spicy food since her toddler years, we are undeniably obsessed with hot sauce.

Hot sauce often gets mixed reviews. Some believe that too much of it gives you sore throat and causes stomach discomfort. Some said it can boost your metabolism and helps you lose weight. So....what gives?

The key is moderation.

Ideally, you know your body well and what regardless of which side we are on, spicy food has proven by research to pack some fiery benefit.

But before we get into the health benefits, it is important that you know about capsaicin. Capsaicin is the compound in chilli responsible for the burning sensation. It has also been scientifically proven to have a lot of health benefits.

The anatomy of a chilli

1. It helps you loose weight.

Capsaicin increases your metabolic rate which helps you burn more calories effectively. And when you have a spicy meal, you are most likely to eat your meals slowly which gives your body the time it needs to recognise you are full. This then leads to better digestion.

2. It curbs sugar craving

Sugar is everywhere and the main culprit in loading up empty calories which leads to obesity. Spicy food decreases your desire to eat something sweet.

(Did you know that all of our Molli sauces contains ZERO processed sugar? The sweetness comes from the natural ingredients used such as chillies, tomato, onion, garlic and avocados.)

3. It reduces inflammation

Capsaicin contains anti-inflammatory properties which can alleviate muscle sprains and strains. So if you are feeling sore, drizzle some hot sauce to your eats and that might just shoo away the pain.

4. It contains vitamins and minerals

Chillies are an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, B and K and minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc etc. All these are essential to bolster your immune system, develop strong bones, build proteins and cells and more!

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)

5. It boost your immune system

Green chillies and red chillies are great immune system booster as they contain lots of vitamin A and C, iron and zinc. Your body's best defence against infectious disease.

6. It makes you happy

Have you met a hot sauce lover who is perpetually unhappy? Spicy foods can boost the production of feel good hormones like serotonin to stabilises your mood, happiness and alleviate depression.

(However, please DO NOT gorge on hot sauce as a mood booster 🤦‍Seek out friends or professional advice if you need help.)

So there you have it! Based on the 6 reasons above, what's not to love about hot sauce? 🥰

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