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Molli Chilli Seasoning - Net weight 40gm


Tajin-style chilli seasoning by Molli. This unique seasoning blend is made with chillies, lime and salt. It's the perfect ingredient to elevate the flavour of your dishes, soup, stew, stir fry,  fruits, veggies, drinks and more. Guaranteed to add a 'zing' to everything it touches!


Roasted chillies, ginger, salt, garlic, lime juice, vinegar.
There are no artificial flavours, no artificial colorants, no sugar, and no difficult-to-pronounce ingredients :)


Shelf life: 1 year

Storage: In a cool dry place


 #chilliflakes #cili #cilipedas #mexican


Molli Chilli Seasoning

  • Amount per bottle (180g):

    Energy: 81 kal

    Carbohydrate: 4.6g

    Total Fat: 0.9g

    Protein: 13.5g

    Total Sugars: 4.5g



    Roasted chilies, ginger, garlic, lime juice, vinegar,  salt.

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