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  • Is Molli hot sauce sugar-free?
    Molli hot sauce is sugar-free. It does not contain any added sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, syrup, honey or sweetener. Therefore it is great for weight watches and those watching their sugar intake.
  • Where can I buy Molli hot sauce?
    Molli hot sauce is available in selected grocers / cafes around Klang Valley. Click here to find stores that carry it. The sauces are also available online so just click on the SHOP ONLINE to purchase. We are also available at local market please like: Shopee, Lazada
  • Why is it called Molli and What's your story?
    Molli in Nahuatl (language spoken among the Aztecs) literally means 'Sauce'. As a local Malaysian brand fuelled by Mexican culture, we exist to celebrate the cultural diversity through food. Molli hot sauce is not just for the Mexican table. It is for everyone! It is an everyday hot sauce for you to enjoy with the foods you love. We are here to celebrate the joy of cooking, eating, foster connection and build communities.
  • Does Molli hot sauce need to be refrigerated?
    Make some room in your refrigerator because Molli hot sauce needs to be kept chilled once opened. This is because Molli hot sauce uses all fresh ingredients and does not contain any chemical preservatives.
  • How long is the product good for?
    Please refer to the bottle cap for shelf life information. Before opening, the sauces are good for 1 year. To enjoy the best flavour, we recommend that Molli hot sauce be consumed within three (3) months of opening, and within its shelf life. Do note that as we use only fresh ingredient, exposing the product to oxygen will accelerates the degradation of colour and flavour. There is no health risk; but the flavour will not be the same.
  • Where can I buy bigger bottles of Molli hot sauce for home / biz use?
    We do sell big bottles in the size of 1.5 litre. Perfect for restaurant and home use. Please WhatsApp Jorge at +601133156609 or email us at to get the brochure.
  • Is Molli hot sauce gluten-free?
    Molli hot sauce does not contain any gluten source such as “barley”, “wheat”, “rye”, “oats” or “triticale”. And yes, it is gluten-free
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